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Do you enjoy spending time outside and exploring the coast of England and Wales? Have you ever explored a salt marsh? Saltmarshes are grassland fields that fringe our coastline. They are washed by the tides and are criss-crossed by creeks. They are rich in wildlife and help protect our coastlines against storms and floods. Salt marshes are also a great place for a walk, a run and a range of other outdoor activities.

The Salt Marsh App will introduce you to the unique variety of plants and animals found on salt marshes.

We know a great deal about land environments and have a detailed knowledge of the distribution of most soil types within the UK,with the exception of salt marshes. With the aid of The Saltmarsh App, a UK-wide group of marine scientists are asking interested individuals and groups to investigate the salt marshes which surround our coast. Once you download the free, mobile app, you can carry out an interactive plant and soil survey.

The survey will estimate stored carbon in saltmarsh soil and show how by preventing carbon from becoming the green house gas carbon dioxide your marsh is helping limit climate change. Every marsh survey uploaded will help scientists at School of Ocean Sciences, Bangor University learn more about UK saltmarsh soils and how they are helping fight climate change.

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